Revealed: Does Hair Hold Negative Energy Or Trauma?

We’ve all heard that our muscles and organs hold on to negative energies and must take certain measures to remove them. However, some of you reading this may also wonder whether the same is true about your hair.

Does hair hold onto negative or positive energy? How do you remove it if it does? As a believer in the spiritual world and its effects on our lives here on earth, I’ve given plenty of thought to the importance of hair.

And throughout my studies and considerations, I’ve received the answer to these questions. So, let’s consider whether hair holds negative energy or trauma.

Does Your Hair Hold On To Negative Energy?

Hair Hold Negative Energy Or Trauma
The hair is believed to be an extension of your brain and the center of your crown chakra, thus it holds onto negative and good energies.

Most cultures believe that there is some spiritual importance to your hair. Therefore, besides being decorative, hair holds significant symbolic meaning for most people.

What’s more, hair is seen as an extension of your cerebrum (brain). Anything that your hair experiences is relayed to the brain. This is also true for energies.

Whether it’s positive or negative energy, if detected by your hair, it goes to the brain. This is why most cultures believe that hair does hold onto negative energy or trauma.

Just like your hair starts falling out if you are sick or stressed, your environment and emotional state affect your hair. If you have experienced trauma or loss, that bad energy is stored all over your body, including in your hair.

But hair doesn’t only hold on to what’s bad. Hair also stores good energy. In fact, many cultures believe that your hair is a source of your strength.

That’s why some cultures condemn cutting your hair, which will diminish your power. Many cultures have special rituals to ensure your hair holds onto positive vibes and releases all the negative ones.

Because the hair is seen as an extension of the brain, keeping it healthy and in good condition is critical. This will ensure it can fight off the bad signals and invite the good.

The Indian culture also believes that your hair is the center of your crown chakra. They believe that specific ailments result from the unbalanced crown chakra.

They place extreme importance on ensuring this chakra is balanced and aligned, so that poor health and misfortune don’t befall you.

How Can You Remove The Negative Energy From Your Hair?

If you feel your hair is holding on to negative energy, you must remove that energy as soon as possible. It can affect your emotional and mental well-being, health, and fortune if you don’t.

Many people are naturally aware of the power of the symbol of their hair. This is why many go for a haircut after a traumatic event. For example, after a breakup or loss, many people cut theirs as a symbol of grief and suffering.

Some cultures, like native American tribes, also bury their hair with the deceased to show that their grief knows no end. Likewise, cutting your locks is seen as a visual representation of your mental state.

This act is also a way of taking control of your life. Many feel that this is one of the few things they have control over. However, you may find that your spirit or guardian angel steers you into doing it to cleanse you from the harmful energies released by your locks.

If you don’t wish to cut your hair, there are also other ways of removing the bad omens from your life that are stored in your hair. For example, most people believe that taking good care of your locks will help to keep them strong.

This, in turn, helps them fight off any negativity and protects you from evil thoughts and misfortune. Regularly washing, brushing, and maintaining your mane will help to keep it healthy.

You should also deeply cleanse it after a traumatic event to remove any misfortune.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Hair?

There are many spiritual connections and beliefs about your hair. As I’ve mentioned, most cultures believe that there is some spiritual power within your hair.

African cultures believe that hair is the source of someone’s energy. That’s why their hair has the texture it has. The tightly wrapped coils store your energy.

Certain religions, like Christianity, also have tales about people whose long locks were the source of their power. By cutting it, they lost their strength.

This is why many cultures don’t believe in cutting their locks, as it will cause them to lose their strength.

Other cultures believe that because hair is an extension of oneself, you can bury yours with a loved one to show that your love for them will never die. 

Some cultures also believe that how you wear and adorn your locks says a lot about you. For example, you are confident and virile if you wear yours long. On the other hand, if yours is short, you have undergone something terrible.

Having short locks is also a sign of defeat in certain cultures. For example, if you have been overcome in battle or brought dishonor to your clan/people, your hair will be cut to symbolize your shame.

Braiding your locks is also a sign that you are connected with your ancestors in some cultures. This is also why some cultures believe in burning loose hairs to return them to the earth.

As you can see, there is a lot of spiritual meaning behind hair. However, because many cultures have different beliefs regarding its power, you may wonder what that says about cutting it.

Is It Okay To Cut Your Hair?

Whether or not it is okay to cut your hair depends on which culture’s beliefs about your locks you follow. For example, if you believe that your energy is stored in your hair, cutting it will weaken you.

But, if you believe that negative energies are stored in hair, cutting it might be precisely what you need to do after a traumatic event.

Whatever you decide, don’t neglect the spiritual importance of the ritual of cutting your hair. Consider the cutting of your locks as a symbol of letting go. Use it to let go of the past and the trauma you have endured.

Take this time to reflect on the actions and decisions that have brought you to this place in your life and see how you can avoid this situation in the future.

Regardless of your spiritual importance on your hair, you cannot deny that cutting it is cutting away a part of yourself. So let that part be the bad or negative part you no longer want in your life.

Once the cutting ceremony is complete, you can burn the locks to return them to the earth or bury them with your loved one as a sign of your grief.

When you decide whether to cut or not cut your locks, you should look within and determine what your spirit wants you to do. Whatever decision brings you the most inner peace is likely the right one.


Many cultures believe that hair is an extension of the brain and that it not only holds onto negative energy but also directs it to the mind. Some cultures believe you should cut your hair to remove the energy, while others believe your strength is stored in your locks. Most believe that you should take good care of your hair because it can protect you against negativity when it is healthy.

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