Decode the Spiritual Meaning of Upper And Lower Lip Twitching

If you’re superstitious, you’ll be interested to hear what your lips tell you. Twitching lips aren’t uncommon, and you’ve probably had a lip twitch at some time.

While this could be a medical problem, there’s possibly a deeper spiritual meaning behind it too.

Suppose you are tuned in to your spiritual being. In that case, your consciousness sends subtle messages that the different sides of your lips interpret for you.

What Are Your Lip Twitches Telling You?

person with twitching upper and lower lip
Be mindful if your lips are twitching — it might indicate spiritual meanings and signs you need to look out for in your life.

Just as your lips convey messages to those around you, your lips relay messages to you.

Involuntary lip spasms have meanings and are signs of things to come. They offer warnings and can herald in good or bad experiences. It’s worth your while to listen to your lips.

Lips twitch on different sides of the mouth to convey different messages. Your upper and lower lips and left and right sides bring positive or negative messages for you to respond to.

Top and Bottom Lip Twitches are About People and Connections

Forget about the irritation of your ticking lip and listen to the signals it sends you. When your upper lip or lower lip twitches, it sends you one of three messages:

  • You are about to go through a similar experience you’ve had before, such as meeting people you’ve lost contact with or had past encounters with. Allow yourself to cherish these relationships and grow them.
  • New people are about to enter your life, and you’ll make great connections with them. Embrace this wholeheartedly, foster these connections, and welcome goodness into your life.
  • A warning of troubling times ahead is telling you to reconnect with those people in your life who will stand by you through thick and thin. As the well-used phrase goes, “these are your tribe,” so stick with them.

These people are the friends and family you’ve lost contact with, and the universe is re-introducing them to be there for you in trying times. Take comfort in this. They’ve been sent to you, their advice will be relevant, and their presence will be significant.

Top and bottom lip twitching is a good omen and indicates improvement in your social life. Your twitch is telling you to connect and reconnect. Welcome good people back into your life and embrace new colleagues, associates, and friends and the joy that comes with this.

However, if both lips twitch together, you should take heed as this may indicate a social encounter but not a good one. You may run into someone you don’t like. You could also meet someone who doesn’t have your best interests. Trust your gut, your inner voice, for guidance. You’ll know the difference by the way it feels.

Twitching on the Right Side is a Good Thing

The right side has always been regarded as the positive side. Ancient Mayans associated the right side with:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Dominance
  • Skill
  • Sacred powers
  • Royalty
  • Physical Beauty

They were right about this, and this symbolism and spiritual meaning are still relevant today.

On an energy level, the right side is the Yang energy and refers to positive output. It’s the side of your body that allows you to be creative and bold and make things happen. The masculine side symbolizes giving and is often interpreted as being in control.

Right also signals creative strength and great ideas. So, if your right lip twitches either at twitch top or bottom, it’s a sign that you are empowered. Take your ideas, believe in yourself, and go for it!

What’s Going to Happen if Your Top Right Lip Twitches?

A right lip twitch is the best twitch to have. It’s all about good things happening to you and good news coming your way:

  • Wealth or money is on its way to you. Pay attention to relationships and be on the lookout for anyone who seems too interested in or sarcastic about your good fortune. A warning is that friends may get jealous, or you’ll find new friends who focus on your financial success.
  • Improved or amended relationships are on the cards for you. Family relationships with the opposite sex will improve, especially if you’re a woman. You’ll create stronger bonds with your brothers or your father.
  • Your love life is headed for a positive change. A romantic relationship you form will go all the way and become a happy, enduring long-term relationship.
  • You’ll meet someone new who is going to have a positive influence on your life.
  • There’s a good experience coming your way. You’ll have a romantic kiss from someone you like or are fascinated with. This could be the start of a wonderful forever relationship.

Right lip twitches give you a signal to be social and welcome new relationships. Please don’t shy away from them; allow yourself the freedom to explore and create new bonds, but always keep your head about yourself.

Your Bottom Right Lip Means Either Good or Bad

A twitch on the bottom right lip is associated with actions, one good and one bad:

  • You could be on your way to an exciting international holiday that you will enjoy.
  • You are going to going to lose money. Your creative side may overpower reasoning and cause you to act irresponsibly. Although this sounds negative, it’s a warning for you to take extra care and act on it. Practice sound financial judgment and curb your spending. More practically, look after your personal details and bank account information.

What Do Twitches on the Left Side Signal?

Upper and lower lip twitching spiritual meaning
A twitch on the left side could be seen as a warning or a forthcoming negative circumstance. Always be vigilant and aware.

The left side of your body is your feminine side. It’s your receiving side and the side you can’t control.

Mayan symbolism and spirituality define the left-hand side as subservient and weak. The lefthand side is the Yin side. It’s all about negativity, passiveness, and darkness.

Don’t panic, though. If your top left lip twitches, you are alerted to possible negative activity. Be aware, and don’t be taken by surprise.

Tics on the Top Lip are Warnings About Losses

If the left side spasms, you must take note of it and be vigilant.

Uncontrollable spasms in your left lip are sending you the following messages:

  • Financial loss may be coming your way, like unexpected expenses, salary decreases, and investment losses.
  • Another message you’re being sent is that relationships may suffer, and you could have fall-outs with family and close friends.
  • You are leading your life with anger which consequently affects all your decisions and skews your judgment. Ponder how this affects your finances and relationships and determine the correlation.

A Bottom Lip Twitch Speaks About Your Reputation

A tic in your bottom left lip warns that your reputation will be at stake. People, colleagues, and friends will bad-mouth you and find ways to destroy your reputation.

Although this is an awful situation to find yourself in, there are many ways to protect your reputation.

You have been forewarned, so you can use this omen to up your credibility. Focus on your integrity, and most importantly, be cautious about what you tell people. I suggest abstaining from confiding in anyone for a while.

Final Thoughts

Lip twitches, as annoying as they may be, have spiritual meaning. A top or bottom twitch could mean that you will reconnect with friends or family and enjoy revived relationships. Lips are conveyors of messages. Tics on the right side signal good things ahead. Lip twitches on the left are warnings to be vigilant as bad luck is on your path. Listen to yours.

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