12 Powerful Spiritual Meanings Of the Eye of the Tiger

Physicists claim that all matter can be seen as energy in a physical form. Formed over immense pressure, the gemstones of our powerful Earth consist of high energy concentrations.

The Eye Of The Tiger, also known as Tiger Eye’s Stone, is no exception. Very similar to a tiger’s majestic stripes, this gemstone’s appearance matches its powerful energy.

If you have a Tiger’s Eye gemstone and wonder if it holds spiritual meaning, it holds more than you think. This gemstone is as hypnotic as the actual eyes of a tiger, and it means everything good and positive.

Wearing or carrying this gemstone will allow you to align with its bold energies. Read with us as we break down this enchanting gemstone’s spiritual meanings.

1. Your Perspective About Life Will Change

tiger's eye crystal spiritual meaning
The Tiger’s Eye helps you see life more positively and shifts your perspective to overcome any difficulties.

Tigers are shapeshifters in many folklores, so it’s no surprise that The Eye Of The Tiger has connections to transformation.

This gemstone will greatly influence your perspective if you often perceive a new opportunity or situation as intimidating. It has the ability to change your perspective to view things more positively.

If your perspective is holding you back, this powerful gemstone has great abilities to support you in the daunting journey.

2. It is Believed to Protect Against Evil Forces

In the past, the Tiger’s Eye stone was always worn as an amulet. They were used to repel destructive forces, and it was believed they could protect the wearer from evil and curses.

If you feel like you’re having trouble trusting your intuition about certain friends or family, this gemstone will help you immensely.

You might not be dealing with supernatural evil forces, but this gemstone can help clarify people’s intentions. This way, you will remain protected against people who want to wrong or betray you.

Additionally, some evil or negative forces might even come from the inside, and the gemstone can also help with this. If you feel depressed in your everyday life, the Tiger’s Eye will help to eliminate the negative feelings inside you.

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3. You Will Become More Intuned With Those Around You

Similar to how a Tiger’s Eye will protect you from bad intentions, it also helps you to become more empathic.

It can open your third eye, which will help you connect deeper with the ones closest to you.

For this reason, a Tiger’s Eye is used to ease eyes during the meditative state. It is often physically placed on closed eyelids to focus more on the third eye.

4. Your Solar Plexus Chakra Will Become Balanced

Due to the most common yellow-brown color of this gemstone, it holds a spiritual connection to your third chakra.

This is known as the solar plexus chakra or the navel chakra. This chakra is known as the place where all your energy resides, also known as your personal power.

If you’re struggling with imbalances from your solar plexus chakra, you might feel insecure. Placing a Tiger’s Eye close to you will help. You will feel like the happiest version of yourself, become confident and realize the power you hold within yourself.

5. Your Anxiety Or Fear May Be Relieved

tiger's eye crystal healing grid
The Tiger’s Eye stone releases anxiety and fear in a way that it gives you more courage and helps assert yourself better in any situation.

Wearing a Tiger’s Eye can help relieve your inner anxiety and fear, but not in the way you would think.

This gemstone will help you to realize when you become anxious, releasing its spiritual energies to help you overcome it.

If you’re prone to anxiety attacks, this gemstone will help you to take control of yourself and your decisions. If you have anxious feelings toward an upcoming event, The Eye Of The Tiger can assist you in dealing with it calmly.

6. You Will Become Courageous

A Tiger’s Eye doesn’t only symbolize the relief of feelings of fear or anxiety, but it also symbolizes courage. As tigers are known to be strong and courageous, the gemstone will help you to tap into these energies.

You will harness this gemstone’s power if you often have trouble standing up for yourself in difficult situations.

This is most applicable if you work with a group and often feel like you can make no difference.

By speaking up, you won’t only become more courageous in that aspect but in every aspect of your life.

7. You Will Attract Great Wealth

A Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful gemstones for attracting wealth. Just like it helps you overcome hardships and fear, it can be used to overcome financial issues.

This gemstone will keep you determined and focused on your goals and determine you to go after your financial goals. By reaping all these strong spiritual gifts, you’ll also be attracting wealth, especially if you place this gemstone in your office.

8. You Will Feel More Determined

The Tiger Eye, specifically the red-colored ones, are known to be spiritual energy symbols.

If you’ve been working hard and your body and mind feel lethargic, this gemstone can help restore your energies.

Sometimes we all need a little boost, and a red Tiger’s Eye can give you the energy you need.

Eye of the tiger crystal
This special stone helps you stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals, especially when it comes to money.

9. You Will Be Reminded To Think Before You Do

Just as the Tiger’s Eye helps you to become more courageous, it also serves as a spiritual reminder.

This gemstone will act as a reminder if you tend to speak or take action on things before you think.

You will be reminded to listen before you speak and consider the consequences of your words or actions.

10. You Will Gain Independence

A tiger has no predators and is completely independent of those around him.

If you often struggle with gaining independence, a Tiger’s Eye gemstone is your fix for the problem. This gemstone is believed to help you gain emotional and financial independence, whichever applies to you.

11. You Will Become More Creative

If you’re a logical thinker and struggle to let your creativity flow, you’re in for a treat with this gemstone.

A Tiger’s Eye has strong spiritual connections to the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking.

Your ability to focus creatively will come naturally, making this gemstone perfect for uninspired artists.

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