What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Hear Knocking?

We’ve all heard knocking. You might be in anticipation of guests or waiting for a visitor. However, have you ever heard it, only to open your door to see nobody waiting for you? This could leave one with a lingering eerie feeling, and with good reason.

This particular experience is known to have many spiritual or even biblical meanings. Hearing knocking is known to be an omen and has negative and positive connotations.

Moreover, meanings may differ and depend on how many knocks you hear.

It’s generally seen as the spiritual world trying to convey a message, and these messages might surprise you.

What Does It Mean When You Hear One Knock?

Knocking at door in Spiritual Place
Behind the closed doors of our spiritual selves lies a sacred space, waiting to be discovered and explored with open hearts and minds.

Hearing only one knock may startle you, leaving you to wonder whether it is real or only your imagination. Well, it certainly is real, and it has real spiritual meanings as well. Let’s look at some of these meanings:

You Must Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

It’s easy to become lost in our thoughts, resulting in us forgetting them completely. While you may be busy with something, hearing only one knock is a spiritual way of getting your attention.

Pay attention to one thought and focus on it because something is trying to tell you it’s worth focusing on.

You Need To Wake Up

If a single knock startles you from your sleep or while in deep thought, it’s a clear message.

This can be seen as the Universe telling you you need to wake up. It’s a push from a higher power trying to open you up to be more aware and conscious.

If you feel lost and unbalanced, you need to “wake up” metaphorically and bring yourself back. It could be challenging to get rid of bad habits or patterns.

By breaking them, you’ll be waking up to a better you, even if you were never asleep.

You Need To Open Up To Those Around You

If you have things you’re uncomfortable sharing with those around you or keeping secrets, a single knock shouldn’t be ignored.

Because knocking is associated with inviting guests into your home, you need to open up yourself to your loved ones.

If you feel a heavy weight on your shoulders, this is the time to change it. Hearing a single knock should encourage you to be more open with those you love and trust.

You Need To Reconnect With Your Faith

If the knock seemed slow and soft, it’s a spiritual sign that your heart might not be open to God.

This would be especially applicable if you have endured hardships and feel difficulty praying or going to church.

Moreover, if you have done something wrong and hear a knock, it reminds you to do what’s right.

You Have To Practice Caution

If the knock seemed loud and intrusive, you must take it as a warning sign. It can be a warning about negative energy coming your way or somebody having bad intentions toward you.

You must deal with it cautiously or not deal with it at all if it doesn’t feel right to you.

You Will Receive A Gift Or Be Presented With An Opportunity

A single knock is known to mean the receiver will be presented with an opportunity or a large gift.

If you’ve been waiting for an important call regarding a job, you might get the call sooner than expected. There’s a reason for the saying, “When opportunity comes knocking!”

What Do Two Knocks Mean In A Spiritual Sense?

a magic door in a mystical forest
Hearing two knocks spiritually relates to your love life. It could either mean that you’re about to meet the love of your life or someone you’ve been longing for.

Hearing two knocks could also mean you’re about to be introduced to new friends. If you haven’t felt comfortable in your current circle of friends, you will soon be with friends you belong with.

Do your best to position yourself and prepare for these new experiences you will be a part of.

What Do Three Knocks Mean In A Spiritual Sense?

The number three is a  number relating to everything spiritual. Three is also a well-known angel number, and it has great power.

If you’ve heard three consecutive knocks only to open the door to nothing, it’s a sure sign of spiritual presence.

It means a spirit tries to communicate with you. It could also mean they are trying to get access to your life.

The spirit could present itself to you in the form of a loved one or friend. It’s crucial to examine the ones close to you very well to protect yourself from emotional or physical harm.

If you haven’t been praying lately or struggling to have faith, the time to start believing is now.

What Do Four Knocks Mean In A Spiritual Sense?

Four even-sounding knocks are a strong indication of consistency and reliability. You can take this as a spiritual sign that your success will only be gained through constant hard work.

If you have been slacking off and abandoning your responsibilities, these four knocks could also serve as a reminder.

They demand your attention, and you need to think about and review the choices in your life. If you continue with the wrong choices, the chance of success might pass you by before you know it.

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What Do Five Knocks Mean In A Spiritual Sense?

Five consecutive knocks are one of the rarest occasions, and if you heard them, you shouldn’t shrug it off. They mean that your past is bothering you and that you need to let go of it.

If your soul remains unhealed, it will become weak, and you will remain in the same place in your life.

These knocks indicate change, but the change has to start with you. If you let go of your past and forgive yourself, you will experience great positive change.

It’s also a reminder that change can never come without sacrifice, and you must be willing to sacrifice your past.


Hearing one or any amount of knocks could be an incredible experience, but don’t shrug them off. Now that you know the spiritual meanings, you’ll know what they mean if you’re fortunate enough to hear them again!

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